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“Keeping things simple with a cremation and no service means my family can celebrate my life however they'd like, without an expensive funeral service”

The Copper Funeral Plan

What’s included?

Funeral Director’s professional services
Advice on funeral registration, documentation and certification
Removal from place of death to Funeral Director’s premises within 25 miles, 24 hours a day
Care of deceased prior to funeral
Basic coffin
Guaranteed cremation and doctors fees
Provision of a basic Urn
Provision of hearse for service at Crematorium / Cemetery
Preparation of Cremated remains for collection by the next of kin* or for scattering in the Garden of Remembrance.

*Included in the plans costs are collection from the Hospital or from the Coroner’s mortuary. Removals from the home or nursing home will incur an additional cost.
**If the next of kin require the ashes dispatched back to a residential address in the UK, rather than collecting them, there will be an additional charge which will be estimated at the time of the request and this fee will be payable directly to the funeral director.

Why Should I Start Planning Now

I have many years yet, why should I start forward planning now for my funeral.? Planning ahead can relieve the financial and emotional burden on your loved ones when the time comes.

Starting the Conversation
Talking about funeral plans with our loved ones can be uncomfortable, however in the long term knowing that all the costs have been covered and that your wishes are known and carried out can be a real comfort to your family.


For the Fixed Monthly Payment option, to provide the benefits of your pre-paid funeral plan, your fixed monthly payments are paid to Phoenix Life Ltd, trading as SunLife to secure a whole of life policy. Golden Leaves, (who are the beneficiaries of the policy,) will utilise the proceeds of the policy at the time of your death, to provide your chosen funeral services.

With their roots going back to 1810, SunLife has strived to deliver affordable financial products providing peace of mind and excellent service to thousands of customers.

Any more Questions?

If you require any further information and wish to speak with one of our advisors, please select the Request a callback button, submit your details and a member of staff will contact you shortly. Alternatively you may find the info you require in our FAQs section. You can also call us on 01332 497496

Copper PLan

Our plan prices are based on a national average – in some areas of the country the prices of services may be considerably higher – should your chosen funeral director not accept the plan at our national average price we will advise you of the regional variation in pricing.

Fixed Monthly Payments
Price illustrated is based on starting the policy aged 50. Insert your correct age when purchasing the plan to see the applicable monthly payment.

There is a compulsory deposit of £25 payable to Forward Plan.

from £6.82 PW
Single payment: £1,644
12 Monthly Payments: £116.17 p/m
Total Payable: £1,644.00
24 Monthly Payments: £61.57 p/m
Total Payable: £1,727.64
36 Monthly Payments: £43.51 p/m
Total Payable: £1,816.30
60 Monthly Payments: £29.33 p/m
Total Payable: £2,009.89

Bronze plan

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from $39.00
Level of Protection: from $50.000 to $1.000.000
Period of Insurance: up to 365 days
Trip Cancellation Protection: up to amount purchased
Baggage Delay Coverage: from $150 to $900
Hotline Assistance: 24-Hour
Policy Modification: Online
Trip Interruption Protection: up to 180% of amount purchased

Zink Plan

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from $69.00
Level of Protection: from $50.000 to $1.000.000
Period of Insurance: up to 365 days
Trip Cancellation Protection: up to amount purchased
Baggage Delay Coverage: from $150 to $900
Hotline Assistance: 24-Hour
Policy Modification: Online
Trip Interruption Protection: up to 180% of amount purchased

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

Quality & Affordable Funeral Plans

Protect those close family and friends from the stress and expense of arranging your funeral with a guaranteed pre-paid funeral plan.

Savvy buyers realize planning your funeral service and pre-paying its costs in advance is making sense and may become one of the most thoughtful things you can do, taking away the financial worry from your loved ones at a time that is already upsetting and difficult.

Forward Plans funeral plans offer a straightforward, affordable way to plan and pay for the funeral you want, all our prices are guaranteed. Our Plans will guarantee to cover the complete cost of your cremation funeral when the time comes, regardless of the impact of funeral inflation. If a burial is your desired funeral choice, your plan will pay a contribution towards the costs of cemetery and burial fees.

We offer a comprehensive range of options and payment plans so you’re sure to find one that suits your budget and requirements. However, should you wish to add any particular services not covered in our standard plans, our helpful team can produce a bespoke plan just for you.

Feel free to download our comparison brochure or contact forward plan today for secure and accessible funeral plans.


What our Clients say?

Our role at Forward Plan is simple, we offer the highest quality and affordable pre-paid funeral plans, and document your wishes and arrangements for your friends and family. We assist you to complete the necessary documentation to ensure your application is processed quickly and efficently

My wife and I decided to purchase a funeral plan, as we are now both in our seventies, and thought we should do this while we still have most of our faculties reasonably intact.
We decided, after browsing some websites,to contact "Forward Plan'',as they seemed to be the most reasonably priced locally,and, importantly, the best plan that we could find anywhere
We are now so glad that we can relax and enjoy our remaining years, knowing that we have made the right choice for our final exit.

Anthony Smith October 05, 2019

Very happy using Forward Plan, helpful phone conversations and quick and easy forms to fill in.
We would recommend them to anybody.

Kay McGoven November 03, 2019

After discussing funeral plans with the family& researching on internet, I chose Forward Plans Funeral Plans to ensure my family will have no problems when I pass away. The application was so easy, it allowed me to chose my preferences, including a Local funeral company & there were no hidden surprises. My family all know where the certificate and what I hope to have, another item off the to-do list and peace of mind.

Honathan Stevens October 12, 2019

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