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What’s usually included in a Funeral Plan:

Transport of the body to the funeral director’s location
Care of the body
Visiting the body in a chapel of rest
A coffin, hearse and funeral director personnel

What’s sometimes included, depending on the plan:

Doctors’ fees (totalling £164 and needed for cremations outside Scotland)
Minister’s or celebrant’s fees
Limousines for mourners
Complete fees for the crematorium

What’s generally not included in a funeral plan:

Funeral notices
Order of service
Buying a burial plot (this can cost £1,000s) and some burial fees
Flowers, catering and other costs for a wake
A head stone/memorial
Always check exactly what is and isn’t included in the plan before you buy, as every plan has its differences.


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All of our Funeral Plans are backed and guaranteed!

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Curious What a Funeral Plan Is?

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a way for an individual to plan and prepare their funeral arrangement’s for after they have gone. By pre-paying they’re able to take the stress and hassle away from planning a loved ones funeral and gives chance for the family to greive stress free.

Which Is Your Best Plan?

All of our plans are customisable to suite your range of needs no matter your budget. From our Copper Plan all the way to our Platinum Plan. We have everything that you’ll need.

Why Pre-pay a Funeral Plan?

Compare through our plans to suite your needs! Free No Obligation Quote. Remove the hassle of a loved one planning your funeral. Guaranteed to only pay todays price for your plan! Free No Obligation Quote.

Why Choose Forward Plan for your Funeral Plan Quote

How Much ARe Funerals?

Unfortunately when a close friend or relative passes, this can be a tough time. Add to this complexities of notification, probate and arranging a funeral when you had not discussed the deceased wishes, only adding additional stress.

The cost of funerals is increasing at an above inflation rate. in 2004 the cost of an average funeral was £1,920, today that cost is £4,300 and it is expected to be £7,049 by 2026. Thats why increasing numbers of people are now taking out funeral plans so they know most of the cost of their funeral has been covered before they die, to ensure their family isn’t left to foot a hefty bill.

Here at Forward Plan we help you work out if a plan is right for you and if so, what sort.  Please feel free to complete the details below to receive a free quotation on the a pre-paid funeral plan.


Guaranteed Funeral Plan

One of the most affordable ways to cover the cost of a funeral

  • Guarantees to cover a funeral’s cost
  • Guaranteed Approval, No Health Check
  • 100% Free Comparison, No Obligation
  • Lock in Todays Rates
Why Pay For a funeral Plan

Planning for
your future

A funeral plan (Prepaid Funeral Plan) is a way of paying for your funeral in advance at today's prices, saving your loved one time, stress, confusion, arguments and money at possibly the most difficult of times.