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A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a way for an individual to plan and prepare their funeral arrangement’s for after they have gone. By pre-paying they’re able to take the stress and hassle away from planning a loved ones funeral and gives chance for the family to greive stress free.

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Did You Know The Cost Of Funerals Has Doubled in The Last 10 Years?


In 2017 the average cost of a funeral was £4,078 and is expected to double again in the next 10 years!

Can you afford the cost in 10 years?

Fact, By 2031, the projected costs for a funeral will increase over to £11,000!
Don’t let your loved ones deal with the burden of rising funeral costs, help spread the cost to ease a difficult time.

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Planning a funeral can be a worrisome final expense to have to think about for anyone. Therefore, it is important to have a funeral plan already set in place to protect your family from these costly final expenses. Funeral plans help you to plan as well as pay for your funeral in advance. This helps keep the costs associated with your final send-off to a minimum as a funeral plan will pay the funeral director for your final expenses, leaving your family with less to worry about.

There are many types of funeral plans offered that start at many different prices to fit anyone’s budget. Once you obtain a funeral plan you can either pay it in one lump sum or you might choose to make instalments, ranging from a couple of months to a few years, depending on what payment options you choose from. The money is then safeguarded until it is needed to pay your final funeral expenses.

Funeral plans cover basic funeral services such as care of the body, transportation and services. However, basic plans may not cover all funeral expenses such as things like flowers, catering and sometimes even the cost of the burial plot. Therefore, it is important to get funeral plan quotes to compare, ensuring that it meets both your needs/wants and budget. Funeral plans help you to plan for your future decisive moments, today!

Start comparing funeral plans by filling our form and getting quotes. These quotes are from either a funeral plan provider or funeral director. Choose one that you are comfortable with, that sufficiently meets your needs and budget. When deciding if a funeral plan is right for you there are a few things you will needs to consider. Funeral plans help meet costs associated with the funeral once you are gone, so keeping this is mind, a funeral plan will help your family financially when you die. Getting assistance when looking for the right funeral plan can just be a click away, as there are many companies that offer quality, low-cost funeral plans that are right for you!